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SDSM: Denmark ratifies North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol

The Danish Parliament has unanimously ratified the NATO Accession Protocol for North Macedonia, the ruling Social Democrats (SDSM) said in a press release Thursday.

“After Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Lithuania, Denmark is the ninth NATO member to endorse our country’s accession into the Alliance.”

“Our national interests are coming true, after a decade of setback, Republic of North Macedonia is moving forward on the track to become NATO’s 30th member.”

“The tough decisions that have been made lately are a stake in the future. NATO membership means security and stability, it fosters progress, economy, providing a better life for all, a window of opportunity and new prospects for young people.”

“As we are progress through integrations, as we approach NATO and EU membership, there will be more benefits for the citizens and the state alike. Therefore, we must not rest now, Republic of North Macedonia must move forward, mighty and united on the right track to development and progress,” SDSM says in the press release.

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