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Zaev: Europe demands results, we will act decisively against corruption

Speaking to lawmakers at parliament’s Q&A session Thursday, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev sent a clear message to all, saying the government vows to be decisive, persistent and intolerant in fight against crime and corruption.

“I appeal to the watchful eye of the Parliament, and also to the independent institutions in the country,” Zaev said.

Addressing the MPs who attended the Questions and Answers (Q&A) session in parliament, the Prime Minister said the government will be taking measures against officials found guilty of corruption. Corruption comes from politics and public institutions, therefore, we must set up control mechanisms to reduce corruption and mitigate its negative impact.

The government is convinced that corruption is one of the phenomena having the most destructive impact on the life of society and state, therefore, fight against corruption is one of the main priorities of the government, and the government will be decisive, persistent and intolerant in this fight, he said.

As regards the naming of new members of Anti-Corruption Commission, Zaev said he hopes the new members will be elected with a consensus. He also appealed to opposition parties to team up in the appointment of a director of State Audit Department.

“We need to ensure that all regulators are independent, and if possible, we should elect them together, not political. They are the prime supervisor of all public institutions. Corruption exists in private sector as well, but mostly in public administration, which is tied to politics,” he said.

“Europe wants to see results and we must deliver results. The citizens also demand results.”

“There will be sanctions, there will be legal actions, those responsible will be brought to justice.”
At the end of his speech, PM Zaev sounded optimistic about the start-date for the long-awaited EU accession talks in June this year. “I am optimist that we will be given EU go-ahead for membership negotiations in June”.

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