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Prime Minister Haradinaj: The Assembly of Lezha was the starting point that united our nation

“If a work lasts after the protagonist, it means that the act has been great. If there is an Albanian work that has lasted after the life of the protagonist, it is the work, it is war and it is the legacy of the doctrine that was built and carried out by our hero, for whom we have joined today, Gjergj Kastrioti – Skënderbeu, “said the prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, during his speech at the Academy dedicated to the 575th anniversary of the League of Lezha held in Klina.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Haradinaj thanking the participants, sayed that in his time not only his view, but all the then Albanian leaders was the search for a way to return to theirselves.
“That way was obstructed and damaged over time, Albanians existed, but they were not themselves, they were part, but not one. All this great story that has survived for centuries is the starting point, and it is that moment when we have become one, at the Lezha Leagy and those wise leaders who knew to unite the nation in a much harder effort we had before ourselves “Said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

Recalling the time of Skanderbeg and his leadership, Prime Minister Haradinaj added that Skanderbeg was not always supported at the time but stayed with his Albanian leaders and that thanks to this resistance, what he and the Albanians created under his leadership , today is highly rated from all over our continent and from all those who study such great processes.

“We, as Albanians, as Kosovo we do not dare to derail in our right, on the front line. We belong to the world, free nations and peoples like Skanderbeg at that time, and the countries of the world of free nations led by America, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj.
In his speech, Prime Minister Haradinaj also spoke about the tax on Serbia, adding that the tax was not imposed on America, but against Russia and Serbia because, as he said, they have worked intensively against recognizing Kosovo and not having membership in Interpol, but Kosovo has never conditioned the dialogue.

Prime Minister Haradinaj handed over to the Mayor of Klina, Zenun Elezaj, Luan Tashi’s book, “Scanderbeg Portraits for centuries”.
Mayor of Klinë, Zenun Elezaj, said that in this great event they decided to bring in their town blazing bronze the head of the hero of the nation, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, who represents the most emblematic figure of our history.

“The messages that Skanderbeg left to his people are the ones that radiate to this day and have returned strongly to Klina. The bust of Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg is coming to his place, where will stay forever, “said President Elezaj, pointing out that this bust is a commitment to the sacred values of this nation centuries ago, headed by Gjergj Kastriotin – Skanderbeg, to the glorious KLA war, headed by Commander Adem Jashari, Mujë Krasniqi, who proudly stands close to the hero Skënderbeu.
After the Academy dedicated to the League of Lezha, Prime Minister Haradinaj also participated in the discovery of the bust of Gjergj Kastriot-Skanderbeg in the center of Klina.