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Prime Minister Haradinaj: Celebration Day for Kosovo, the works for rehabilitation of the 10th Railway Line Fushë Kosovë – Hani i Elezit started

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, took part in the signing ceremony of the Commercial Contract between INFRAKOS and GCF (Generale Construzioni Ferrovarie), for Rehabilitation of the 10th Railway Line, segment Fushë Kosovë – Hani i Elezit, signed by Agron Thaçi, Chief Executive of Kosovo Railways and Edoardo Rossi, General Director of GCF.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Haradinaj said that today is a celebration day in Kosovo, for the fact that the works on renovation ,rehabilitation and putting in use of one of the important sectors, one of the Kosovo Railways, the 10th sector, which is Fushë Kosovë- Hani i Elezit will take place.

Prime Minister Haradinaj clarified that these works will last 24 months, which means in early 2021, Kosovo will have acceptable quality, compatible railways and in view of the flow of goods and people, but also economic connection, not only with Northern Macedonia in this case, but also with the economies of the region.

“This is a common investment, invests the people of Kosovo from their own budget, but also the EU invests, through IPA funds for the rehabilitating of our railways, ” said Prime Minister Haradinaj, by congratulating for this achievement of today.

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that the railways also have two other necessary sections and for that soon will have signatures of contracts and that for these sections work will happen faster and that in the spring of 2021 not only the section will be completed from Fushë Kosova to Han Elezit , but will be completed even until Merdare.

“Kosovo, in the end, will have a functional quality rail network”, said Prime Minister Haradinaj , adding that it would be a good news if there would be a railway which will connect Kosovo with the Port of Durres, hoping that in the future this will be achieved.
Prime Minister Haradinaj said that the good thing of this work is that there will be jobs and economic generation.

Infrastructure Minister Pal Lekaj said that today is starting something new for the railway system for the country and that after half a century will place investments in the modernization of the tracks, from where they will pass faster at lower cost trains with speeds of nearly 150 kilometers per hour. “Today will be started with the implementation of the project of 210 million euros, money provided by the Government of Kosovo through the Bank for Reconstruction and Development “, said Minister Lekaj.

Agron Thaçi, Executive Chief of Kosovo Railways, said that this is a special day which is crowned with a contract link for Rehabilitation of the Railway Line, a project that will have an effect not only in our economy and well-being but also in the region and beyond. “This project will enable us to create easier and cheaper movements of citizens and goods. Next week will be launched the next project of 40 kilometers and until the first part of year 2021 we will have completed close to 100 kilometers, said Thaçi, emphasizing that from this project Kosovo will benefit in all fields, starting from the economy, social and environmental aspects.

Luigi Brusa, Head of Sector from the Cooperation Section of the European Commission Office in Kosovo, said they are starting a trip together which will take place in three stages and by this they are joining people. “We are starting a journey, but this is a real journey, because it will have a very positive impact from this investment in the Kosovo economy. It is a real investment because about 160 jobs will be created, “he said.