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Sela: I think it’s time for Albanian president

The Alliance for Albanians party will choose their nominee to run for president in April polls, party leader Zijadin Sela said on Friday, adding that it is high time for Macedonia to get an ethnic-Albanian head of state.

“Alliance for Albanians will have their candidate and the name will be made public after completion of discussions within the party. I deem it is time for the country to have Albanian for president and send a message about a new Macedonia free from prejudices. Thus, we will become a sole society for all,” Sela told the reporters.

He ruled out the possibility to run for president, noting that the so-called consensual president is suitable for DUI only.

“I am not aware of an agreement on consensual candidate. DUI speaks about it because it would suit them. Gjorgje Ivanov was also a consensual candidate in line with a deal between the former allies DUI and VMRO-DPMNE. That’s why the Albanians helped Ivanov beat Stevo Pendarovski, and later they were trying to justify themselves in a bid to evade responsibility,” Sela added.

“Now they are play the same game. The consensuality must be defined in the Constitution and a consensual president must be elected in the Parliament. This suits DUI only to cover up their shame for everything they had done over the past years. In such a case, Vlatko Gjorcev could be a consensual candidate, why not? As far as DUI is concerned, all options are on the table as long as they can cover up traces of their deeds,” Sela told a news conference.