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Government says language law doesn’t introduce outright bilingualism

The law on languages promotes the rights of all non-majority communities, and does not envisage employments. Macedonian language with the Cyrillic alphabet remains the sole official language throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and also in its international relations, the Government said in a statement.

In the statement, released Friday, the government slams what it says “spread of fake news and fabrications over practical application of the law on languages”.

The government claims that the law was adopted in line with legal procedures, and that the opposition had an opportunity to take part in the lawmaking process.

“The opposition decided not to participate in the political process prior to passage in the parliament. The non-participation does not exclude the political responsibility of the opposition for their reluctance to promote the rights of the citizens in our country”.

“The false and ungrounded allegations of additional burden to the national budget and new jobs are nothing but hollow excuses and obstructions by the opposition,” the government said.

It stresses that the law poses no threat to unitary character of Macedonia. The law does not in any way endanger the use and the safeguard of the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic alphabet, the government said, adding that the law puts an end to the nationalism.