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President Meta returns 2019 Budget to parliament over protesting student demands

On Thursday noon, Albanian President Ilir Meta publicly announced he has decided to return the 2019 Budget draft law back to the parliament to revise, only a few days after the same parliamentary majority approved it.

“The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, attentively following the latest political situation in the country, as well as assessing the broad public consensus on student demands, which are considered by all political actors as fair, legitimate and feasible, aiming at everyone’s best interest in meeting the social objectives set forth in Article 59 of the Constitution, as well as in guaranteeing stability in the country, by decree no. 10997, dated 13.12.2018, has decided on the “Return to the Assembly for review of law no.99 / 2018 ‘On the 2019 Budget’, for its review,” reads the Presidency announcement.

Further on, Meta said he is fully convinced the Albanian parliament will reflect on a comprehensive cooperation in order to meet the students’ and the public interest demands .

Meta’s decision comes right after head of the Socialist Movement of Integration, simultaneously his wife, proposed two amendments to the budget law, which according to her would immediately meet the demands of protesting students.

The Budget Law was also mentioned by Speaker of the Parliament Gramoz Ruçi, during the plenary session on Thursday, when he said that the amendments can not be considered as the law was already in the Presidency, as it had to be initially decreed by the head of state before examining the proposed amendments.