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Honouring martyrs of Jashari family in Prekaz

Prime Minister Edi Rama and his Kosovo counterpart Ramush Haradinaj, together with the members of their cabinets, paid tribute at Adem Jashari memorial complex to the Jashari family in Prekaz following the joint session of the governments of Albania and Kosovo earlier today in the city of Peja. Prime Ministers Rama e Haradinaj, as well as the members of their cabinets, laid wreaths at the Memorial complex where the heroes of the independence of Kosovo, martyrs of Jashari family, rest.

The two Prime Ministers also visited Adem Jashari’s house, where they were welcomed by Rifat Jashari, the brother of Kosovo’s epic hero. After expressing his honours to Adem’s family, Prime Minister Rama extended his November holiday greetings to all Albanians.

“Thank you very much for the hospitality and the opportunity we have been given to honour the glorious history of this family. I believe there is no better place to send my best wishes to all Albanians, wherever they are, for the red and black flag holiday, the flag with the double-headed eagle, the symbol that should inspire us every day to be one single body and two countries eying our national unification within the United Europe,” Prime Minister Rama said in his remarks.

A family photo concluded the visit to Prekaz.