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Albanian-Chinese relations come with a new vitality

Her Excellency Jiang Yu, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Albania is ending her mission soon, leaving behind a progressive work in our country and developing the relations between Albania and China since she took office in 2015.

Three main points highlight the progress of the relations; first regards the political leadership which has given a positive impulse to the bilateral relations by strengthening the reciprocal political faith through various high level meetings. This has led to exchanges between the legislative institutions and political parties, which on their hand have allowed communications and learning platforms and mutual collaboration interest on the heritage of the traditional friendship shared.

The second point was that of the pragmatic collaboration. Her Excellency said that in the last three years 28 collaboration documents in 17 different fields have been signed between the two countries. The first meeting of the eco-trade Mutual Commission between the two countries has been held, which has turned to the highest platform on the communication of policies and cooperation expansion.

In 2017 the overall direct foreign investment from China amounted to $800 million, which makes the partner country the main foreign investment source for Albania. China is still the number one trade partner to Albania, the trade volume having increased by 18 percent.

Previous cooperation in the fields of energy, transport and minerals have brought more positive outcomes, and the new points of cooperation are focusing on tourism, human resources and agriculture.

Regarding tourism, her Excellency mentioned how Albania removed the visas for Chinese citizens for the summer of 2018 and this led to an increase of incoming tourists by 64 percent.

The third point Miss Jiang Yu wanted to stress was the friendship between the two nations which lead to further, stronger cooperation between the countries. Human and cultural exchange is increasing, and an agreement for the establishment of the Chinese Cultural Center in Albania is signed to strengthen this cultural exchange among the people. The language lessons on both countries is on the rise and universities have signed agreements for student exchanges and collaboration.

Exchanges and collaborations are increasing among local power too, with various cities and provinces having reached a sort of twining. More exchange is also on the level of think-tanks, media, radio, television and youth giving the relations a new positive shift and impact.

This increased cooperation comes from the wide consensus of friendship through the centuries between the two nations, which is based in the deep foundations of the public volition of the two countries. Also by holding solid the overall course, the Albanian-Chinese relations are treated in the framework of the Chinese-European relations.

This cooperation follows the general trend allowed by the 16+1 Initiative and the ‘’One Generation, One Path’’ Initiative, and moreover it becomes concrete and deepened by the various agreements of collaboration, which seek to bring fruitful volatilities in the bilateral relations.

As her Excellency leaves office, she seems positive of the future cooperation between Albania and China, as it is a mutual interests benefit for both countries that this friendship is maintained. She said that China is ready to work with Albania in establishing a new consensus, collect new stimulating energies, to strengthen the political faith and communication, to deepen and expand the pragmatic collaboration, to consolidate the friendship basis, and inspire a full potential of cooperation which would bring the Albania-China relations to higher levels.

‘’I want to express my warmest gratitude to the media and friends from various Albanian districts for their support and help in fulfilling my duty. Wherever I am, as always, I will take care and support the course of Albania-China friendship, and give it my potential contribute,’’ concluded her Excellency, Ambassador Jiang Yu.