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Prosecutors launch probe into Orce Kamcev’s businesses

Law enforcement officials are conducting searches in Orka Holding, a company of businessman Orce Kamcev, as part of investigation run by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SJO). Kamcev was not immediately available for comment.

Company employees told Makfax news agency that prosecutors, accompanied by law enforcement officers from the Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime, are searching Orka Holding’s main premises. Other companies in the compound were not searched.

Last week, the organized-crime and corruption prosecutors opened a probe involving a private hospital suspected of having misused money from the Health Insurance Fund. The hospital, linked to Orce Kamcev, is believed to have collected prepayments from Health Insurance Fund for fabricated procedures. Namely, the hospital is suspected of having collected upfront payments from the

Insurance Fund although no surgery was performed as claimed. The hospital had allegedly charged the Fund for single patient for same type of surgery several times in a row.

Businessman Orce Kamcev is owner of several companies. He is CEO and member of Orka Holding Board of Directors, a company which runs Acibadem Sistina Hospital Skopje.