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Prime Minister Haradinaj, Kosovo has created legal infrastructure to transfer products from foreign markets

“As a Government, we are ready to interact, so our products in Kosovo, the achievements of our producers, the clothing industry, to place and not just that , we are interested to bring investors to you” ,so said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, at the opening of the second edition of the Kosovo Clothes Convention.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Haradinaj said that he is here to see the brands of Kosovo which are presented with designs created by students and related with clothing and in this way it is created also an economic stability every day more.

Prime Minister Haradinaj, especially for the whole this event, thanked the US Embassy, USAID , but also all those who have expressed their concern and support to help the clothing manufacturers in Kosovo.

“Export of Kosovo , according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry 2016-2018 is around 20.5 million euros, while import in the same period of time in the same products is 228.6 million euros ” , said Prime Minister Haradinaj , adding that the value of a clothing product when we export, its value is close to 4 euros, while the one we import is 7.5 euros, which means almost double.

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that seeing that the export is smaller and the cost of importing clothes is twice as high, then we should support the producers with the new brands which are presenting them with the funds we have allocated to the Ministry of Innovation.

Seeing that this industry can be important and can give its own results, Prime Minister Haradinaj emphasized that we should be careful also in vocational education, that creative skills of students to connect with manufacturers and to have the quality to become competitive in the market.

“Kosovo has established legal infrastructure to transfer products from markets and there is no need for partners who could have invested with you, go too far, but can invest in Kosovo, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj, adding that the opportunities are long-term with the creation of economic zones, one of which is the American Economic Zone.

Prime Minister Haradinaj clarified that those who invest in Kosovo, the tax in dividend is zero; profit tax is 10 percent , the smallest in the region; wage tax does not go over 10 percent; is a zero tax with EU states; the transport is the cheapest and by all this it is certain that from a product that is produced in Kosovo, could come out and enter the EU market by 30 to 40 percent cheaper than a product produced elsewhere in Europe.

At the opening of this convention, Charge d’Affairs of US Embassy in Kosovo addressed with the speech, Collen Hyland, Head of the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development at the Swedish Embassy in Pristina, Nasrin Pourghazian, Kosovo Association of Clothing Marketing Association Chairperson, Bardha Sadrija and business representatives.

The Kosovo Clothes Convention is organized every year to promote clothing manufacturers of Kosovo and to support the growth of the clothing industry in Kosovo.