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Prime Minister at Trauma University Hospital to visit police officers wounded in the line of duty

Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the police officers being treated at the Trauma University Hospital after being wounded in the line of duty during the today’s protest in Tirana.

“I believe every parent and family can imagine what it could be like should their 24-year old daughter would return home with her hand’s fingers lost. Everyone can imagine, every family can imagine, every parent, brother and sister can imagine what it is like to see the 24-year old girl return home with her hand’s fingers cut off after having left home for work in the morning.

This is the situation that has not taken place in Albania since massive demolitions for the public interest, starting with the “Rinia” park and so on. No matter who has been running the government, it is the very first time a political party takes over, together with a group of people – some of them being professional invaders of public lands and some others who are accidentally confused and misunderstood against the public interest – to stop development of a public work that they won’t be able to stop. The loss of a girl’s fingertips is indeed a red line that has been drawn today between those who have taken up the fight against the law and the State Police that are defending the law and the public and community interests.

This is pretty clear. There is absolutely no way that the law will be applied equally to all and there is no way that the State Police become a target for fireworks, stones or threats issued by a group of people who should leave from there.

Those possessing the due property ownership certificates will be compensated just like everyone else in the Republic of Albania over the years, either these be old property titles, or legalized properties, no matter the way such properties have been legalized, but this is not important because the law will be enforced. Those residing there and owning just a shelter and nothing else will benefit housing bonuses for three years, just like everyone else in similar cases, a housing bonus they would have never received prior to 2013.

The others should leave as soon as possible as they will receive nothing. Quite the contrary, the more they run counter the law, the more they will face the law, Prime Minister Edi Rama said in a statement to the media.