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OSHEE employs SCADA system for system’s online supervision

The power distribution operator OSHEE will monitor every business processes and workplace operations via the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA), which will provide online real-time data gathering and processing to supervise power substations, prevent any breakdowns, check and operate the whole power grid, feeders and electric transformer cabins. The system will also allow online supervision of the electricity generation processes at the country’s hydropower plants. The power utility has invested around 187 million lek for implementation of the SCADA system at the Central Power Distribution Unit and installation of the online platform initially in main electric substations in Tirana. Under the old system, the operations were carried out manually and were slow, whereas the newly-built smart operational facilities of the SCADA system provide for the online operation and monitoring of every work process.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri, visited the Central Power Distribution Control Room as well as the newly built OSHEE premises that provide decent conditions for the OSHEE employees and customers alike to prevent the queue line and reduce wait times.

“We used to pay around 420 000 euros a year in rent at two apartment buildings and citizens had to wait in long queue lines at the garage. We were supplied no server, while no customer service premises were available. We had no archive, we had absolutely nothing. We had to seek outside premises in order to hold a regular meeting of the company. Now we have this new building and 10 000 square meters of offices, constructed in a project worth 4.5 million euro,” the Director of the OSHEE, Ardian Çela said.

The Central Control Room for the High Voltage System also marks another radical transformation in terms of power grid supervision and remote data gathering and processing. “This is the new SCADA system, initially installed at six power substations that will be all supervised and controlled online. The system prevents power failures, detects electrical overload and the operation time is very fast. We expect to extend the system to 12 power substations within December and to over 50 out of 60 main power stations across the country in 2019. The system will allow for real-time data gathering and processing on all power substations,” the Head of the OSHEE said.

Apart from the power substations, OSHEE has implemented investment projects to modernize over 100 electric transformer cabins in Tirana, Durrës and Vlora, online connected with the distribution centers of the respective regional directorates. In 2019, operation with the SCADA system will extend even further, with more than 250 automated cabins in Tirana.