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Modern equipment to guarantee Vlora water supply system

The sewerage system in the city of Vlora will be monitored and guaranteed for its proper operation, thanks to the new government investment in equipment and modern machineries worth 1.5 million euros.

Vlora’s state-run water supply and sewerage company, the main beneficiary of the investment, provides its services to Vlora, Novosela, Orikum and Shushice.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri, and Vlora Mayor Dritan Leli, visited the water supply and sewerage company in the southern coastal city, where a fleet of new equipment and machineries are about to be installed.

Vlora Mayor Leli said in his remarks that the state-of-the-art equipment that allow for remote control and supervision of the sewerage system provide for effective maintenance and operation of the major investments carried out in the area’s water supply and sewerage system. “This equipment is provided by the Albanian government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and energy to ensure operation and maintenance of the investments in the sewerage system of the city of Vlora mainly in the area of the Waterfront Promenade, but also in other parts of the city. The equipment cost around 1.5 million euros and it features an electronic system that allows for remote control of the entire sewerage system of the city,” Leli said.

The investment heralds another important project on rehabilitation of the city’s sewerage system with a direct impact on tourism. “Next year we will kick off the major project on upgrading the whole waste water disposal and sewerage system. Once the project completes – the project has been already designed and due funding has been allocated – it will ultimately address the sewerage system problem in the Lungomare area. No sewage will be discharged in Lungomare, so that we will finally address an inherited problem about which citizens and tourists complained,” Gjiknuri said.

Prime Minister Edi Rama described Vlora as a model of development, pledging that government will keep on implementing more investment projects. He said that Lungomare beach will turn into a true and genuine tourist attraction should the inherited sewerage problem is ultimately solved. “It is for sure that the entire Lungomare beach stretch will become a spectacular and popular tourist attraction. But to make it spectacular and popular, the 70-year-old problem of sewerage system should be finally tackled. The new project will finally address this problem. The due funding is included in the upcoming state budget. Procurement and tender procedures will be launched immediately next year and work to rehabilitate and upgrade whole sewerage system in the area of Lungomare will start in order to put an end to sewage disposal to sea once and for good and make the beach popular for holidaymakers and help the local tourism and economy develop further. This is an important development, just like this fleet of special machineries to monitor the entire sewage system that is welcomed in Vlora, which is a model for development and where we will continue to invest.”